Big Sur Farmers Association Open House!

Hello Farmers and Friends!
Friday May 4th 6:00 pm at the Lab in the Barnyard

The Lab in the Barnyard Friday May 4th! This an opportunity to meet Big Sur Farmers and find out how we are moving forward with our fight to legalizing Sun Grown Cannabis in Monterey County!

Enjoy food, refreshments and music while learning about sun grown cannabis in Monterey County. Learn how you can get involved and become part of the process. Educate yourself on this dynamic and evolving local issue while you meet like minded people.

Guest speakers include Pat Malo with GreenTrade. Mandisa with Cal Growers, and assorted speakers from the Big Sur Growers Association.

Become a member! Make a donation! Learn about how you can make a difference making sun grown cannabis a reality. 

See you Friday, May 4th at 6pm, at the Lab in the Barnyard.

Email Ondine with any questions or further details at: