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 Hi Friends and Farmers! Thursday Feb. 7th 5:30 to 7:00 light food & refreshments, speakers & panel talk. Mixer till 9:00 THE LAB @ The Barnyard Carmel, CA

Appellations help to empower small farms, they can be a means to protect the culture and history of a region while adding value. They can be vehicles for promotion, protection, and environmental standards.

The Big Sur Farmers Association is hosting an informative event on the progress being made in the creation of cannabis appellations at both the state and local level.

Thursday Feb. 7th 5:30 to 7:00 light food & refreshments, speakers & panel talk. Mixer till 9:00 THE LAB @ The Barnyard Carmel, CA

Special guest presenters are Genine Coleman from Mendocino Appellation Project and Eleanor Kuntz from Canndor.


Co-founder, Eleanor Kuntz will be on hand to discuss their mission and how genetic diversity can benefit the greater cannabis community.

Canndor helps to frame the beautiful, deep wisdom and collective knowledge of the Cannabis community; remembering, recognizing, and celebrating those who have cultivated and crafted this amazing plant.

The discussion will explore varietal/cultivar standards, appellations, best agricultural practices, and cannabis in human health.

Mendocino Appellation Project (MAP):

For small farmers, whatever their crop, marking their product as distinct can have huge economic impact. And California’s cannabis farmers are no different.

On the Central Coast, and especially in Monterey County, cannabis farmers compare themselves to the neighboring vineyards, who highlight their unique “terroir” and growing appellation to court consumers.

MAP has been kind enough to come visit our area to share their knowledge working with farms, industry, and with the state of California. Learn more about how far they have come, how supportive the state of CA is towards cannabis appellations, and how to get involved at a local level.

Thank you for your time and consideration & looking forward to seeing you Thursday Feb. 7th!

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