Big Sur Farmers Association

BSFA is a mutual benefit non-profit organization formed to represent cannabis farmers of Big Sur’s Santa Lucia Mountains range, to promote our Appellation of Origin, and preserve the cultural and traditional values of Unincorporated Monterey County ‘s Legacy Farmers!

Monterey County farmers have had a long journey and historically been the pioneers of the cannabis industry. Our farms span the vast area of the Santa Lucia Mountain Range’s unique landscapes, topography, light spectrums, diverse micro climates, and artesian springs. Making it one of the premiere locations for craft cannabis cultivation. For decades Monterey County’s legacy farms have been on the forefront of some of the worlds top shelf cannabis produced world wide. Let’s keep that tradition growing!

Big Sur Farmers Association advocates environmentally responsible land stewardship, local land use plans, and promoting sustainable farming practices. Utilizing balanced nutrition as the primary means of pest & disease prevention. Educating the community, local law enforcement and policy makers, to protect the rights of small farmers. Help us support rural economic stability, local craft businesses, and increase public awareness of best management practices while setting the standards for conscience cannabis cultivation world wide!

By joining the Big Sur Farmer Association you will have a voice as we go through this process of bringing craft outdoor cultivation back into the light and to the forefront of cannabis farming in Monterey County!

BSFA offers a variety of opportunities to get involved and work together towards the legalization of craft cannabis in unincorporated Monterey County. Please consider supporting our cause!

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